ABB 800xA Infi90 Load Old Compiled Logic Using ABB Harmony

After you load a CLD (ABB DCS logic) and then realize that the previous version was working better than the latest one you just downloaded. Now how would you reload the previous version of the DCS logic back into the controller? This article show you how you can do just that. You will see that you can also load even older version of the compiled logics if you wish. Lets gets started…

To load an older configuration, select the “Configuration” files -> Right Click -> Show History.

Xybernetics ABB Harmony - Load Old Compiled Logic

Select the appropriate Older File that you want to download to the Controller & then select “Make Current”.

Xybernetics ABB Harmony - Load Old Compiled Logic

The file will then be the “Master” Configuration file and it can be downloaded to the Controller.

I hope this article helps.