Learn how to run kubectl on Windows PowerShell and Command Prompt.

In nutshell, these are the steps.
1) Download the kubectl.exe application using a curl command, and move the kubectl.exe in the “C:\Users\USERNAME”.
The curl command is as shown below. If you need different version, just change the directory name (v1.23.0)
curl -LO “https://dl.k8s.io/release/v1.23.0/bin/windows/amd64/kubectl.exe”

2) Download the KubectlConfig from your Kubernetes engine (such as Rancher) and rename it as “config” (with no filename extension).

3) Next, create a .kube folder in the “C:\Users\USERNAME” directory, and place the kubectl config file (from STEP 2) in there.

This is what your drive should look like when it is done.

Xybernetics kubectl directory .kube and kubectl.exe files
Xybernetics kubectl directory .kube wuith config file