Learn how to update Function Block in Yokogawa Logic Designer after a firmware upgrade to the Yokogawa STARDOM is done.

When you upgrade your Yokogawa STARDOM controller firmware, you will be require to uninstall the Yokogawa Logic Designer and re-install the new version of the Yokogawa Logic Designer and Yokogawa Resource Configurator. With the upgrade, some of your function block will not work and you will get an error message such as this.

Prototype of functionblock changed. Please replace the item, if necessary!

Please do not start deleting the function block and respawning them again. That is too much work. The faster way would be to double click the Warning message which will bring you to the function block in question, and the right-click on the function block. And then select the “Update FBFU” from the context menu.

Please have a quick look at my 22 seconds YouTube video and it makes total sense what I am trying to say, and hopefully will save you a whole lot of time.

Yokogawa Logic Designer is common programming tool for any type of Yokogawa STARDOM products; like STARDOM FCN-RTU, STARDOM FCJ, STARDOM FCN. Naturally, this technique works for any platform of Yokogawa STARDOM products.

Happy Developing!!