Tech Talk : PHP – Test If It WorksI just got a new domain from GoDaddy…. yayayaya…. The tech support told me that PHP was installed standard as one of the programming language but if I needed .NET Run-time I would have to do some configuration settings.

There is a very simple way to test PHP on your system and here they are.

  1. Open any text editor and create a new “test.php” file.
  2. The content of that file must be this.
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
  3. Save the “test.php” file and upload it to your web server.
  4. Open a browser and enter the URL of the “test.php”. For my example, I had uploaded my “text.php” file to the “\fs\test.php”, therefore my URL would be “\fs\test.php”
  5. You should get a screen with PHP built information.

Xybernetics Test if your PHP works in your system

Note: I have masked my PHP information for security reasons.