TechTalk – Allen-Bradley ControlLogix : Battery

Up-to-today, conversations of ControlLogix CPU battery only exist in sporadic, small chat rooms, and/or email conversation between Allen-Bradley distributors and end-users. I wanted to break out of this “cage” and share some of my professional and technical experience about these batteries, cost, after market solutions to everyone, and hopefully it might allow you to make Read more about TechTalk – Allen-Bradley ControlLogix : Battery[…]

TechTalk – Allen-Bradley PLC-5 : Battery… Everything You Want To Know

The Allen-Bradley PLC-5 battery indicator (BATT) warns you when the battery has gone below the low threshold. This BATT LED indicator first lights when the processor has 10 days worth of battery back-up power remaining, regardless of whether the processor is powered or not. This article focus on how to determine if the PLC-5 battery Read more about TechTalk – Allen-Bradley PLC-5 : Battery… Everything You Want To Know[…]

TechTalk : Rockwell PLC Battery Models

This article is for reference for anyone who is looking to replace or get a new PLC batter for any Rockwell PLC. This is just a reference and I got the information from Rockwell website therefore I don’t take any credit for this document. Also the tables are from Rockwell document. I seen the Rockwell Read more about TechTalk : Rockwell PLC Battery Models[…]