August 29, 2017


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XynetSCADAXybernetics Inc provides world-class software solution and and top notch engineering services. We also prides ourself with a world-class customer support and services and all our products are available for shipment through our inventory and are backed by a comprehensive customer and technical support team ready for your service.

From our brand, we proudly provide the following products.



uCFlowCal is a an embedded flow calculation solution that enables custody transfer gas flow measurement of up to ten flow runs. uCFlow supports concurrent AGA3 (for orifice plate), V-Cone, and AGA7 (for turbine meter) flow measurements with AGA8 for compressibility calculations.
Along with the flow calculation solution, we also provides additional data acquisition tools in this solution (at no cost) to allow operations acquire all the necessary data they need to complete their daily task.
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uCMobile HMI
uC Mobile HMI allows operations to access critical process data in real time using a simple mobile device such as smart phone, tablet or laptop. No complex software installation is required anywhere in the client’s corporate network.
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XynetSCADA Weather Station
XynetSCADA Weather Station is able to facilitate all applications to acquire meteorological data. This autonomous, solar powered solution provides accurate measurements, low power requirements, and proven reliability in extreme weather conditions make our weather stations ideal for all types of meteorological and climatological monitoring anywhere on earth.
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Storage Management System (SMS)
If you are looking for a user friendly and cost effective tool for your new storage establishment, this is the software/tool you want by your side.
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Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Xybernetics WMS system is the first asset management software that offers modularized functional components for any asset management requirements. The modular design reduces the complexity of warehousing management and the overall cost of software maintenance cost.
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SUP! Alarm Callout System
An alarm callout system is one of a key component for control and monitoring. It must be reliable and promptly report any pre-programmed IO points that deviate from the normal operating thresholds. Furthermore it must be flexible and easy to configure. These were our primary principle when we initially started our software design and kept it in mind as we developed this solution.
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XynetAR : The Augmented Reality App
Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that creates an interaction between the real world and virtual data (such as objects, images, text, just to name a few). This virtual data is superimposed into reality through images in 2D and/or 3D through the screen of a connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or connected glasses. The Pokemon Go app that is so popular these days is a very well known example of this technology.
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