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How do we put the Allen-Bradley Rockwell PanelView Plus in Configuration Mode?

Basically, there are two ways in doing it. Either using the touchscreen or by attaching a keyboard.

These methods works only works on version 4 and later. For older versions of Rockwell PanelView, you will need to download a tool from Rockwell. See “For Older PanelView” section below

Touchscreen Route
When booting up, touch bottom left corner when a white square appears on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Attached Keyboard
This method is applicable to none touchscreen model. When booting up, press F1 when a white square appears on the bottom left corner of the screen.

For Older PanelView
Download and extract the application from here

Rename PVP400_600_ResetMEStartup.exe or PVP700_1500ResetMEStartup.exe to autorun.exe. Make sure that your filename extension is “.exe”.

Copy autorun.exe to a memory card or USB flash

Insert the memory card or USB flash into the terminal. The program will automatically execute. (The execution of this program is silent. There is no user interface and no indication that the program had run.)

Wait 30 seconds.

Remove the memory card or USB flash.

Reboot the terminal.

Re-configure your terminal settings as desired.


  • Rockwell Allen-Bradley – Return to Configuration Screen Utility (Knowledge Base 26037)
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