Fieldbus is the digital communication line for the field instruments, where signal is internationally standardized by FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

Device Description Language (DDL) is the formal language describing the service and configuration of Fieldbus devices for process and factory automation. Manufactured of every Fieldbus devices will have to produce/supply a device description (DD) and capabilities files so that it can be used to interface and program with the vendor program. The DD and capabilities files format has to be in Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) at the minimum so that it can be used by all Foundation Fieldbus programming tool.

Yokogawa DD and capabilities files (*.ff5 and *.sy5) are based on eEDDL (enhanced Electronic Device Description Language) which is enhanced from the conventional EDDL.

We will be show you how to import the DD and capabilities file for Yokogawa EJX910A in the vilog.