Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS is a truly a web-based HMI as of revision 10 (which as release on 2010). Essentially, you can access the HMI using a simple web browser. However, there are a few thing requirements that you will have to meet before you can start using the web-based HMI.

• Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS HMI is a Java based system and hence you will have to install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your machine which is accessing the Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS HMI using the web browser.
• Web Client License. Like the Microsoft TS CAL license, you will have to purchase a FASTTOOLS Web Client licenses from Yokogawa. Below is an image of

Xybernetics Yokogawa FASTTOOLS Performance Monitor User/FAST Active Web Clients

You can access the license count using the Performance Monitor. The link below demonstrates how you can navigate through the Performance Monitor.

Below is a screenshot from the “Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS Technical Product Description – Technical Information – TI 50A01A20-01EN” manual (page 34).
It depicts several types of the Web Clients architectures that are available from Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS.

Xybernetics Yokogawa FASTTOOLS Web Clients Architectures Thin and Fat Clients

Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS Web HMI client can run the follow FAST/TOOLS modules
• Operator Interface module. Runtime HMI graphics.
• Engineering module. Tool to edit tags and server side components.
• Edit module. Tool to edit HMI graphics.