Tech Talk : HowTo – NASA Wire Splicing StandardsThe Lineman’s splice is designed for connections that will be under tension. It is commonly claimed that, if properly made, a Lineman’s splice is stronger than the wires of which it is composed. It is a time-proven method from and one of NASA’s Required Workmanship Standards.

  • The conductors shall be pre-tinned.
  • There shall be at least 3 turns around each conductor and the wraps shall be tight with no gaps between adjacent turns.
  • The wraps shall not overlap and the ends of the wrap shall be trimmed flush prior to soldering to prevent protruding ends.
  • Conductors shall not overlap the insulation of the other wire.

Xybernetics NASA Wire Splicing Standards
Though the Lineman’s splice was originally used without solder, today soldering is common. And NASA insists on it the following.