ABB 800xA Infi90 AE Service Running In ABB 800xA

How do you determine if the A&E service is running?

While I was working for a client on their ABB 800xA DCS system, I noticed that the Alarm & Event (A&E) viewer was not populating. It seemed like it was frozen and dead. The operator thought that it was quite and nice… after a few mouse clicks, the problem was that one of the service for the A&E had stopped.
I an writing this article to help users like you and I to do some quick checks before taking on major steps.

Is the A&E Service running?
You can quickly check the status of the A&E through the Engineering Workspace (see image below).

Xybernetics ABB 800xA : AE Service Running

Task Manager
The services (as shown above) will create the following process, and it should be in the Task Manager (see image below).
Ensure that you are logged on the Config Server (active DCS Server) when you check the Task Manager.

Xybernetics ABB 800xA : AE Service Running

Note that, Windows Service does not show the 800xA A&E. If they do it is grouped together with another services, which I would not stop/start as it will effect other processes.