TechTalk – Allen-Bradley SLC500 : Removing 1746-P2 Power Supply

The only two times that I have removed or put together a SLC500 power module is when I an installing a new system or when the power module is broken… during which an outage is essential. With that notion, some of the PLC and electrical engineers forget about some essential screws and especially fragile connectors which can be broken if they are not accounted for when pulling the power supply. Don’t get me wrong, Allen-Bradley have made the mount strong and sturdy for the power supply, but when things get stuck, like one of the project I delivered for one of my Middle East client where dust had made it impossible to slide the power supply out. At that point I was seconds guessing myself there were additional screws which held the power supply in place.

Anyway, this vilog is for everyone of the SLC programmer and electrical engineers who wants a reference.