Learn how to decompile a .NET EXE into readable C# source code. Decompilation is the process used to produce source code from compiled code. However, you should be aware that if an application is a commercial / industrial application, the source code is usually obfuscated. An obfuscator tool simply replace some words with a bunch of nonsense, so it becomes unreadable to anyone who decompiles it.

Please do use this for educational purposes only. I am not responsible if you do illegal things with decompilers.

In my video, I am using dotPeek from JetBrains, but there are many other decompilers our there. These are some of the popular decompilers.

  • Dotnet IL Editor (DILE)
  • JetBrains dotPeek
  • NET CodeReflect
  • RedGate Reflector
  • telerik JustDecompile
  • IL.View
  • ILSpy
  • ILDasm