Learn how to activate RealFlo license using Telepace Studio.

Realflo is software loaded onto a Schneider Electric SCADAPack, that performs gas and/or liquid flowrate calculation using thermodynamic model. This turnkey software solution is used in oil and gas applications.

The industrial standard thermodynamic models that is encapsulated on Realflo are as follows.

  • AGA-3 (1992) for gas volume calculation with orifice meters
  • AGA-7 for gas volume calculation with turbine meters
  • AGA-11 for gas volume calculations with Coriolis meters (this calculation type is not supported on 16-bit controllers)
  • V-Cone for gas volume calculation with V-Cone gas flow meters
  • AGA-8 Detailed calculation for gas compressibility calculation
  • NX-19 for gas compressibility calculation in legacy applications Realflo can also be used to configure and calibrate the SCADAPack 4000, 4202 and 4203, as well as Rosemount MVT transmitters

The AGA-3, AGA-7, AGA-11 and AGA-8 industrial standard thermodynamic models is governed by American Gas Association (AGA), and documents for these models can be purchased though AGA.
V-Cone and NX-19 technical documents are maintained by McCrometer and NIST respectively.

Realflo is a C program that you must download to the SCADAPack using Telepace Studio or Reaflo configuration application. You can download both of these application/software from the link below in the Reference section. They are free to download. However, you need to purchase a runtime license from Schneider Electric in order to run Realflo on the SCADAPack.

The YouTube video below shows you how to load the activation license to the SCADAPack using Telepace Studio.