This video is to explain how to read ProSoft configuration from ProSoft Module. You will require Prosoft Configuration Builder to do it, which is a free software you can downloads from the link below. The IP address and be changed both locally and remotely as all the communication is done through the Ethernet.

We will be using the ProSoft Configuration Builder in-build diagnostics tools to perform the communication diagnostics.

This technique can be used for all Prosoft with Ethernet ports; such as MVI56-Serial, MVI56-SMGC, MVI56-Serial, MVI56-101S, MVI56-EGD, MVI56-EGD, MVI56-Ethernet, MVI56-104S, MVI56-Serial, MVI56-BAS, MVI56-Serial, MVI56-S3964R, MVI56-Serial, MVI56-DNP, MVI56E-Ethernet, MVI56E-MNETCR, MVI56-PDPS, MVI56-PDPS, MVI56E-MNETC/MNETCXT, MVI56E-MNETC/MNETCXT, MVI56E-Ethernet, MVI56E-MNETR, MVI56E-GSC and MVI56E-GSC/GSCXT