Learn how to resolve ProSoft Command Status error code -48 and -36 using the ProSoft Configuration Builder.

We will be using the ProSoft Configuration Builder in-build diagnostics tools to perform the communication diagnostics.

This technique can be used for all Prosoft with Ethernet ports; such as MVI56-Serial, MVI56-SMGC, MVI56-Serial, MVI56-101S, MVI56-EGD, MVI56-EGD, MVI56-Ethernet, MVI56-104S, MVI56-Serial, MVI56-BAS, MVI56-Serial, MVI56-S3964R, MVI56-Serial, MVI56-DNP, MVI56E-Ethernet, MVI56E-MNETCR, MVI56-PDPS, MVI56-PDPS, MVI56E-MNETC/MNETCXT, MVI56E-MNETC/MNETCXT, MVI56E-Ethernet, MVI56E-MNETR, MVI56E-GSC and MVI56E-GSC/GSCXT.

Below is the typical error code for your reference. The page snapshot if from the MVI56E-MNETC/MNETCXT ControlLogixTM Platform Modbus TCP/IP Client Enhanced user manual (paghe 92).
Xybernetics Prosoft Configuration Builder Command Status Error Code List



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