Learn how to watch tags in Schneider Electric Control Expert. When I say tags, I am referring to PLC tags or in the world of software development… variables.
Each tag is just a container which hold a numeric values, which could be a pressure or temperature of a vessel or simply a calculated value. Alternatively, it can also hold a string.

If you want to monitor a group of tags (aka variables) you will have to create an animation table on which you will be adding all the tags that you want to monitor and/or watch. And these table can be temporary or permanent. Temporary animation table disappears when you close and re-launch the Schneider Electric Control Expert application… essentially cleaning up the garbage or unwanted animation table. You can make the amination permanent too…. Now I thought that was cool. Haven’t seen such a tool in my many years in PLC programming….. even Rockwell Studio 5000 does not have it.

Check my video out as I get into the nitty details on animation tables in the Schneider Electric Control Expert.