Learn how to license RealFlo application in the SCADAPack 334 using Telepace Studio. This technique works for any SCADAPack product line; such as SCADAPack 350 and SCADAPack 357.

Quick note. You will need either your SCADAPack serial number (which start with S followed by 6 numbers) or the Controller ID. To determine your SCADAPack serial number, you will have to open the top cover of the SCADAPack. You have to be physically present with the SCADAPack to determine the serial number but with Controller ID you can connect your SCADAPack a network and be able to tell what the Controller ID is of a SCADAPack. My preference is Controller ID as it is visible through Telepace Studio.

With the Controller ID found out (or the serial number), you can provide them to SFC (Previously known as Simark) and they will provide you with an activation code (which is a 6 alpha numeric value).

I hope this helps!