This is a demo for a logic for switch counter using Rockwell Studio 5000 on a 1756-L83E ControlLogix.
The whole intent of this logic is to increment a counter when the switch (shunt) does not FALSE to TRUE. In some aspects it a rising edge detector. I will be using ONS ()

A quick over view of ONS (aka One Shot) shunt. When it is initially energized, it energizes the logic after the ONS shunt once (only). In order to energize the preceding logic after the ONS shunt, you will have to toggle

This logic works for CompactLogix 5370, ControlLogix 5570, Compact GuardLogix 5370, GuardLogix 5570, Compact GuardLogix 5380, CompactLogix 5380, CompactLogix 5480, ControlLogix 5580 and GuardLogix 5580 controllers.

Xybernetics Allen-Bradley Rockwell Logix Counter Studio 5000