TechTalk : Max Length Of Ethernet Cable Before Network LatencyEver wondered what is the maximum recommended Ethernet cable length… before you start getting flaky/unreliable/slow network connection? I have been asked this question on both none-commercial and professional application. The answer is short and simple… 100 meters or 328 ft.

I understand that there are factors such as cable type (UTP and TP), baudrate, etc. that has to be considered before making that cut. But for most application the abovementioned Ethernet cable length is most applicable.

Here are some screenshot of documents from CISCO.

Xybernetics Max Length Of Ethertnet Cable

Couple of pointer and take away from the article. Never run any signal cable, be it Ethernet, or even a low powered signal cable, such a serial cable (RS232/RS485) near any high voltage power cable (running in parallel/perpendicular). Also never run signal cables near rotating equipment. Trust me, I spent a bit of time in the field trying to debug communication issue for a client who had installed a VFD near network device.