TechTalk – Moxa EIP3170 : HowTo Change IP Address

Moxa EIP3170 is a protocol translator that converts Allen-Bradley DF1 protocol into EIP (Ethernet) protocol. This YouTube video will show you how to setup an IP address for Moxa right out-of-the-box. But before you proceed, here are some key points you have to keep in mind.

  • You computer/laptop IP address has to be private IP address subnetmask of 192.168.###.### in order to talk to Moxa with factory setting/right-out-of-box.
  • The default IP address for Moxa is
  • Default user credential is admin for username and blank (as in enter nothing) for password.
  • When you change your IP address of the Moxa, it will restart/power cycle by itself once the changes are saved.