Learn how to recover from crash Symphony Plus IET800 Communication Module… when it stops communicating.

If you get the following error message when you try to go “Inspect” or “Monitor/Tune”. It is likely that your IET card has stopped working.

Xybernetics ABB DCS Verify The ICI Deice is Online Harmony Communication Server

From the Automation Architect, select the Monitor/Tune button.
Xybernetics ABB DCS Monitor  / Tune

From the Control Engineering, right click on the module and select Inspect from the context menu.
Xybernetics ABB DCS Inspect IET Card Stopped Working Communcating

To validate if the IET card is working, physically look at your ABB IET card.

To reset the IET Module, use a paper clip and push the button at the bottom of the IET module.

Xybernetics ABB DCS Reset IET Module
Xybernetics ABB DCS Reset IET Module Bottom Button Paper clip