TechTalk – Rockwell Allen-Bradley 1756-ENT2T : Putting To BOOTP Mode

Lets say you have a card that needs to be put to BOOTP mode for some reason; maybe you want setup an old card for your test bench, or simply you want to re-assign an IP address. Whatever, your reason is, this video will show you how to put the 1756-EN2T (EtherNet/IP) card to BOOTP mode so that you can make system changes to the communication card.
What is BOOTP anyways??….. The Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) is a computer networking protocol used in the Internet Protocol (IP) networks to assign an IP address to network devices from a configuration software or server.

Once you are done putting the 1756-EN2T card to BOOTP mode, how do you set the IP address? The video below shows you how to assign IP address using the Rockwell BOOTP-DHCP Server Software.