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Storage Management System (SMS)

If you are looking for a user friendly and cost effective tool for your new storage establishment, this is the software/tool you want by your side.
This a standalone client software (none web-based) that you install in your computer/laptop which can access either your cloud database or a localized database.

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Xybernetics Storage Management System (SMS)

Storage Management Software (SMS) Extremely easy to use (or your money back!)
Storage Management Software (SMS) Fraction of a cost, in most cases ROI is 1 month
Storage Management Software (SMS) Tenants searching in one step process
Storage Management Software (SMS) Ienant infroamtion shown in one single screen
Storage Management Software (SMS) Reports and Billings

  • Invoices
  • General Ledgers
  • Statements
  • Late Notices
  • Receipts
  • Email Reminders

Storage Management Software (SMS) Data can be stored in cloud or standalone computer at site

Storage Management Software (SMS) Interactive facility map
Storage Management Software (SMS) Quick inventory of available units
Storage Management Software (SMS) Posting payment is fast and easy
Storage Management Software (SMS) Monthly billing reconciliation in 2 clicks
Storage Management Software (SMS) Client billing is sent by mail, email or text message automatically
Storage Management Software (SMS) Single spot to apply discount to a particular tentant and/or all tenant
Storage Management Software (SMS) No license limits on units
Storage Management Software (SMS) Export reports to Microsoft Excel

Main Client Management Screen

  • Add new tenants
  • Update existing tenants information
  • Close tenants account
  • Assign unit to tenant
  • Search for the tenant account in multitude way (name, address, phone, etc.)
  • Print, email and archive tenant’s statements
  • Indication of late payment
  • Apply discount
  • Access multiple tenant account at one time

Xybernetics Storage Management System (SMS)
Tenant Account and Search tool

Xybernetics Storage Management System (SMS)
Accessing Multiple Tenants at Once

Xybernetics Storage Management System (SMS)
Assigning Tenant Unit using Interactive Facility Map

Xybernetics Storage Management System (SMS)

Xybernetics Storage Management System (SMS)

Client Communication Notes

  • Keep communication log for each client
  • Quickly and easily search the database for a specific communication log

Xybernetics Storage Management System (SMS)
Communication Log (Note)

Conversion Unit

  • Easily convert from imperial to metric

Xybernetics Storage Management System (SMS)
Unit Conversion


  • General Ledger
  • Payment Summary
  • Expense Report
  • Analytics
    • Customer movement
    • Discount and sales report/review
    • Most sold unit
    • Customized analytics reports can be built quickly and cost effectively