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Xybernetics SUP! Alarm Callout System

SUP! Alarm Callout System

An alarm callout system is one of a key component for control and monitoring. It must be reliable and promptly report any pre-programmed IO points that deviate from the normal operating thresholds. Furthermore it must be flexible and easy to configure. These were our primary principle when we initially started our software design and kept it in mind as we developed this solution.

Our alarm callout system is software based solution which has an added benefit and flexibility of adding more IO points that are to be monitored without a need to buy more hardware or in worst case scenario, hardware obsolescence. Furthermore, these IO can be added live… without a need to restart the callout application. The callout application can be configured via any OPC server, which has the added benefit of not requiring additional software to be installed in the SCADA system.

  • Configure the callout application though OPC connection or text editor. No additional software needs to be installed.
  • Callout application IO point to be monitored can be changed when the application is running and further more the callout application do not require to be restarted.
  • All events are logged in Windows Event Viewer, allowing operator to fully capitalize function of Windows Event Viewer; such as filter of alarms, exporting of alarm and even grouping.

You can download all the test files from these links below.

The driver for our voice modem can be found in the link below.

Driver installation procedure

  1. Download the installation file (from the above link) to a temporary location on your computer’s hard drive
  2. Double-click the file in Windows Explorer and follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Insert your modem to complete the installation

We are also looking to field test this our alarm callout system. Hoping to hear from someone.

Drop us a line if you want a demo…. or just want to chat about anything technology.

Sample Audio
Below are voice samples from our default voice (Stephanie) of the alarm.

The following voices are also available for selection.

Hannah Railey

Edwin Jarvis

LESSON 1: Software Installation

LESSON 2: Installing Matrikon OPC Test Simulator

LESSON 3: Connecting SUP! Alarm Callout System to Matrikon OPC Test Simulator