Let me show you how to use multiple monitors in Remote Desktop for Windows 10. Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) provides the user with a graphical interface to connect to another computer over a network connection. It uses a RDP client to access the remote machine.

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to remotely connect to you machine on one monitors, on all you available monitors and to specific monitors.

Access RDP using single and all monitors are very easy as the user configuration is easily available on the RDP client software (mstsc.exe). However, if you want to access RDP in specific monitors, it is not very obvious. Here are some details on how to you can access RDP using specific monitors.

Enter the following command in your command prompt to determine your monitor IO using the following command.

mstsc.exe /l

These are the setting you will need to put in your *.rdp file.

use multimon:i:1

Note that in configuration “selectedmonitors:s:{MON_ID},{MON_ID}”, the “MON_ID” are the monitor ID you can get from the “mstsc.exe /l” command.

These are some key item that you have to be aware of.

1) You can select monitors that share the same screen edge.
2) The monitor IDs have known to be changing when you reboot your machine.