Learn how to troubleshoot USB connection issues between M580 PLC and Unity Pro (Control Expert).

The basic idea behind this is that when you connect the USB cable to the Schneider Electric PLC (the one I am using is M580), what happens is that the Schneider Driver Management tools will create a virtual Ethernet adapter. And through this virtual Ethernet adapter, you will be communicating to the PLC.

If you do not see your USB virtual Ethernet adapter (labeled as SE RNDIS PSX M580 Controller) in the Windows Device Management tool, you can install the driver manually using the Schneider Drivers Management tool. The Schneider Drivers Management tool is installed automatically when you install Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Control Expert application.

Another note. On a fresh new installation of the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Control Expert application, the IP address of the virtual Ethernet adapter has to be manually set. I have seen that happen many times though my career. The IP address you will have to set is with subnet mask of This troubleshooting tutorial show you how to setup the IP address on the virtual Ethernet adapter, and also to determine which one if the Schneider Electric virtual Ethernet adapter. I have a neat trick for that.