Below is a snippet of how to output a valve position of 0 to 100 % (as an Analog Output (AO)) in SCADAPack Telepace.

Xybernetics Telepace - Scaling Before AO

Additional documentations of the function block employed for this logic. All these documents are from the Telepace Studio help file.

FTOU (Floating-point to Unsigned Integer)
The FTOU function block converts a floating-point register or constant into an unsigned integer and stores the result in a holding register.

When the enable input is ON, value is converted into an unsigned number and stored in the result register. The value is rounded to the nearest integer. If the value is less than zero, then zero is stored. If the value is greater than 65535, then 65535 is stored.

The top output is ON when the input is. The bottom output is ON if the floating-point value is less than 0 or greater than 65535.

SCAL-Scale Analog Value
The SCAL element scales an integer into a floating-point value and detects changes in the floating-point value.

When the Enable input is ON the SCAL element calculates the scaled value.

When the Enable input is ON the scaled value is compared to the previous scaled value. If the difference is greater than the deadband the scaled value changed output is turned ON and the scaled value is copied to the previous scaled value. The previous scaled value does not change if scaled value is within the deadband.

When the Enable input changes from OFF to ON, the scaled value is copied to previous scaled value.