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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

XyberneticsXybernetics WMS system is the first asset management software that offers modularized functional components for any asset management requirements. The modular design reduces the complexity of warehousing management and the overall cost of software maintenance cost.

Designed to be user friendly, the web-based solution features none-clutter and effective use of graphics user interface; showing only what is required to make a clarify daily decision making.

Let our WMS software solution speak for itself. Give us a call today.

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Extremely easy to use
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Real-time warehouse operation from anywhere around the world
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Affordable
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Lower operating cost
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Flexible and scalable
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Secure data storage
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Integrate with existing technology
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Cost effective for multi user environment
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Disaster recovery
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Inter-operable with existing system such as SAP
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) client ownership of database though Admin Function tools
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Reports and Billings

  • Invoices
  • General Ledgers
  • Statements
  • Receipts
  • Email Reminders
  • Receiving and shipping tracking though Early Notification System (ENS)
  • Email notification at predefined time about daily task for shipper and receivers
  • Search for the product account in multitude ways (client name, delivery address, receiving address, product key word etc.)
  • Add new products
  • Update existing product information

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Data can be stored in cloud or standalone computer at site
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Monthly billing reconciliation
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Client billing is sent by mail, email or text message automatically
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) No license limits, one time software fees only
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Runs in virtually any computer and smart device without a need to install software
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Export reports to Microsoft Excel


Product Tracking Via ENS

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Work Order Module

  • Audit your days’ work though Work Order Module
  • Quickly and easily search the WMS database for a specific incoming and outgoing produc

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Reporting Module

  • Inventory ReportOne click report generation
  • Three off-the-shelf reports available
    • Inventory Report
    • ENS Incoming Report
    • Delivery Order Work Order Report
    • General Ledger
    • Payment Summary
  • Customized reports can be built to meet client’s needs
  • Analytics reports have been built from our past projects. Contact us for more details.
    • Customer movement
    • Discount and sales report/review
    • Most sold unit
    • Customized analytics reports can be built quickly and cost effectivel

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Customer Management Module

  • Manage your client information
  • Manage client contract and commitment

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Supplier Module

  • Manage your new and existing supplier
  • In-built system to notify monthly billing from supplier

Communication/Note Module

  • Keep track of all your communication notes
  • Quickly and easily search the database for a specific communication logs based on
    • Logged date
    • Parties in communication (requester and service provider)
    • Key words in the notes


Document Management Module

  • Keep all your document in one central repository
  • Store any kind of file format (txt, docx, xlsx, etc.)
  • Search for document(s) based on
    • Last date of upload
    • File name
    • File type and format
    • User who upload it
  • Control document versions

Transaction Module

  • Bring up transaction log quickly
  • Transaction log filters can be fully customized


Expense Module

  • Detail expenses log can be brought up quickly
  • Expense log filters can be fully customized


Administrator Function Module

  • Manage your back end database (for in-house authorized users only)
  • Does not require skilled computer science engineers to manage your WMS database
  • Simple WMS administration
  • Cost saving
  • Quick changes to WMS back end database
  • Improve flexibility and scalability of the WMS system
  • Client ownership and customization of client’s WMS database
  • Here are some of the basic back end database tables that can be modified.
    • Users List
    • Unit of Measurement (UoM)
    • Countries
    • Currencies
    • Tax Rates
    • Product Status
    • Department
    • Task Types
    • Shipping Route
    • Shipping Zone
    • Document Types
    • User Types
    • User Status
    • Billing Cycle
    • Document Transfer Types
    • Delivery Details
    • Issue Types
    • Job Types
    • Product Groups
    • Product Storage Types
    • Shipping Route
    • Shipping Zone
    • Transfer Types
    • Audit Trail Actions
    • User Types
    • Warehouse Codes
    • User Account Type
    • Communication Type
    • Document Type
    • Document File Format
    • Transaction Type
    • Expense Type
    • Supplier Product

Unit Of Measurement (UoM)

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS User Management

Xybernetics Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Bug Fix and Enhancement List

Date    Rev           Fixes
14th May 2016    1.5
  • ENS email notification user classification and unser type look up not working.
  • User email address verification does not with with underscore.
  • Added feature to confirm user entry when password is changed.
8th Jan 2017    2.0
  • New and cleaner look-and-feel for the graphics user interface.
  • Inventory reportunable to export to Microsoft Excel not working.
8th Aug 2017   2.5
  • RFID and barcode device driver
  • SAP database transfer using Microsoft Excel and CSV file (via FTP protocol)
  • User configurable charts and historical trending
    • bar chart
    • pie chart
    • line graph
    • scatter plot
    • venn diagram
  • User event logs