Tech Talk : Accelerometer, Gyroscope & Magnetometer

Accelerometer, Gyroscope & Magnetometer : What’s the difference They are three sensors that are useful for determining position and orientation, but they measure different things. Accelerometer An accelerometer measures accelerations. This is useful to measure changes in velocity(directly, as the acceleration is the first time derivative of the velocity) and changes in position (by integrating the signal). They Read more about Tech Talk : Accelerometer, Gyroscope & Magnetometer[…]

Tech Talk : Quadcopter Basics

Basic of a Quadcopter IntroductionThe most ominous-sounding word in newspapers headlines these days are “drone”, a term that is come to encompass everything from the two pound DJI Phantom quadcopter that flew over the White House fence to the nearly 5000 pound MQ-9 Reaper, which can be flown remotely via satellite and fire laser-guided missiles Read more about Tech Talk : Quadcopter Basics[…]