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XynetAR: The Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that creates an interaction between the real world and virtual data (such as objects, images, text, just to name a few). This virtual data is superimposed into reality through images in 2D and/or 3D through the screen of a connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or connected glasses. The Pokemon Go app that is so popular these days is a very well known example of this technology.

XynetAR App
Xybernetics has several turnkey AR apps for real estate, retail and automotive. Here are some of the demo we had prepared for our clients.

XynetAR App for Automobile Industries
This is one of our XynetAR solution created to reach out to our clients in the automobile industry – BMW presenting the X6 model.
User is able to…

  • View vehicle in an interactive 3D environment
  • Customize vehicle chassis color and interior lining as available in BMW catalog
  • Modify rims on-the-fly from BMW database
  • Watch BMW X6 video ad
  • Schedule test a drive date and time

XynetAR App for Retail
The app allows user to view the article (for Adidas app it is a shoe) in 3D interactive environment; where user change colour and patterns of the shoe. App is also connected to the inventory system so that shoppers have up-to-date knowledge of the stock availability. Shopping cart functions can also be extended to user so that orders can be placed directly through this app.

XynetAR App for Real Estate
For many years, real estate companies have employed expertly stage idyllic model homes, creative brochures and websites with beautiful photograph of the property just to make it easy for prospective buyers to envision what it would be like for them to live or work in a property. As with any type of marketing, real estate marketers who is able to spark prospective buyers’ imaginations will be more successful than their competition. In recent years, real estate marketers are working with innovators to employ cutting edge computer generated models, immersive 3D virtual walkthroughs and argument reality technology to ignite that spark. This video demonstrates argument reality technology that our company can provide to get that edge from your competition to secure that deal with your client.

Learn more about XynetAR app here.