Tech Talk : HowTo – NASA Wire Splicing Standards

The Lineman’s splice is designed for connections that will be under tension. It is commonly claimed that, if properly made, a Lineman’s splice is stronger than the wires of which it is composed. It is a time-proven method from and one of NASA’s Required Workmanship Standards. The conductors shall be pre-tinned. There shall be at Read more about Tech Talk : HowTo – NASA Wire Splicing Standards[…]

Tech Talk : C# – DataViewGrid

DataViewGrid are sometimes referred to as spreadsheet widgets or tabular control. This is due to the way the widget presents the data – via grid views visual and sometimes behavioral similarity to spreadsheet applications. The DataGridView control provides a powerful and flexible way to display data in a tabular fashion. It can also be utilized Read more about Tech Talk : C# – DataViewGrid[…]