Is your FactoryTalk disconnected from FactoryTalk Local Directory Server?

This is how you resolve the error pertaining to the connection of FactoryTalk to the FactoryTalk Local Directory. You will typical get the follownig error message.

Security cannot proceed because the computer is disconnected from the FactoryTalk Local Directory Server and the cache has expired. Please reconnect the computer to the FactoryTalk Local Directory Server.


Failed to open private scope directory for file…HRESULT=0x8004204A


Unable to backup the FactoryTalk Local Directory.


FactoryTalk View Studio is unable to show a list of the application names, you do not have permission to read and list children for the local directory.


Exception from HRESULT: 0x80030002 (STG_E_FILENOTFOUND)


I got this resolution from the Rockwell TechConnect page (ID: BF24628), titled “FactoryTalk View Studio: Restore Directory (ResDir) Utility”

You can download the file from the here.


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