Tech Talk : C#.NET – Modal FormI work with various programming languages and scripts…. C#, Java, VB.NET, PHP, JavaScript….. and the list goes on. And I always ask myself,… how do I make the form modal… Mind you, I have written various application with modal form. But sometimes I have a brain fart.

So being a “good Samaritan programmer”, I am going to document it in my Tech Page so that this would be one more resource on modal form that will be available to all programmers world wide.

Here it goes…

Modal Form
First of all create a new form. For example purpose, lets name this form “frmMyForm”.

Xybernetics Inc - Modal form

Xybernetics Inc - Modal form

Next, insert the snippet listed below to the form that is calling the form (“frmMyForm”).


Xybernetics Inc - Modal form

Happy Programming!!!