Learn how to detect ProSoft configuration has been downloaded to the module via Configuration Builder.

Why is this important to know you might ask? You might want to trigger a logic to prevent unauthorized write from the third party Modbus devices to your Allen-Bradley PLC when the ProSoft comes up after the ProSoft configuration has been downloaded to the ProSoft module. Maybe you might want to initialize a value to the third party device now that the ProSoft configuration has been downloaded. Whatever the reason maybe, this is one thing every ProSoft users must know.

Below are the list of sequence ever ProSoft module goes though when a new configuration is being downloaded via Configuration Builder.

1) Sending Config File
2) Download Complete
3) Rebooting Module
4) Module running

It is during the “Rebooting Module” that the following ProSoft tag goes to zero.

1) BlockStats.Read
2) BlockStats.Write
3) BlockStats.Parse

If you have a ProSoft MVI56E-MNETC module (like in this video), the BlockStats that are effected can be found in the following structure.

1) MNET.STATUS.BlockStats.Read
2) MNET.STATUS.BlockStats.Write
3) MNET.STATUS.BlockStats.Parse

I hope this helps. Cheers!

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