Learn how to download and install Barnett ProTalk Configuration Software.

You can download the free Barnett ProTalk Configuration Software from the link below. The version at the time of this article was 3.07.0003 and it was about 65.2MB in size. So if your field office does not have and Internet connection to the World Wide Web (WWW) or a Wi-Fi access point (AP), please download it before you head out to site.

ProTalk Software Suite

Installation of the Barnett ProTalk Configuration Software is pretty straight forward. Just following the installation on the screen. But my YouTube channel will give you a sneak peek on how the installation process would look like as you progress though the installation windows.

I know it is a rhetorical article, but when you are out there with no help from anyone (without cell coverage)… Every bit helps. Trust me I have been there.



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