Knowing how to force or simulate Modbus Register in SCADAPack is a quick and easy way to test your logic. And it is one of the very elementary function that all Telepace / SCADAPack programmer should know.

A RTU programmer would force or simulate Modbus Register In SCADAPack for testing and debugging purpose only. And it should be be removed when the SCADAPack is in production. FORCE LED would glow red if there is any forced modbus register. FORCE LED is situated next to the STAT LED. See illustration below.

Xybernetics Force LED In SCADAPack

Another way to determine if the SCADAPack Modbus registers are forced is from the Telepace application. You will have to go online with the RTU, and then expand the Register Editor > System Groups > Forced Registers.

Xybernetics Force Or Simulated Modbus Register In Telepace

This vlog also shows you how to remove forced Modbus registers using Telepace (un-force).