Learn how to setup remote desktop on Windows 11.

These days everyone works remotely from home, so I figured lets make a Windows tip on how to setup your computer to be remotely accessed so that you can work from anywhere…

Lets get started!

These are the steps to create a new user that will have remote access to the computer.

  1. Right-click on the new user
  2. Properties (from context menu)
  3. Member Of tab
  4. Add button
  5. Advanced button
  6. Find Now button
  7. Double-click on “Remote Desktop Users”
  8. Ok button
  9. Ok button

These are the steps to add new user to the Remote Access user group.

  1. Add button
  2. Advanced button
  3. Find Now
  4. Double-click on the user you want
  5. Ok button
  6. Ok button

I hope that helps.