TechTalk – Rockwell RSLogix 500 : Shortcuts From The Ladder Editor View

  • Click [Alt] and then the underlined letter of a menu to call down its submenu.

  • Click [Shift]-F10 to display the right mouse menu for a selected item.

Accept rung (online only) [Alt]-E-E-P
Advanced diagnostics [Alt]-S-D
Append rung [Shift]-F10-A
Assemble edits (online only) [Alt]-E-O-M
Branching functions

                Append [Shift]-F10-N
                Delete [Shift]-F10-D
                Extend down [Shift]-F10-E
                Extend up [Shift]-F10-U
                Insert [Shift]-F10-B
Change processor modes (online only)

                Program [Alt]-C-M-P
                Run [Alt]-C-M-R
                Test [Alt]-C-M-T
Clear fault (online only) [Alt]-C-F
Clear processor memory (online only) [Alt]-C-P
Cross reference selected address/symbol [Shift]-F10-R-R

                ASCII export [Alt]-T-D-E
                ASCII import [Alt]-T-D-I-Enter
                Go to database [Shift]-F10-arrow down to database
                Edit symbol [Shift]-F10-arrow down to symbol
                Edit description [Shift]-F10-arrow
down to description.
                Native import [Alt]-T-D-N
Display properties of ladder view [Alt]-V-E
Download [Alt]-C-D
Editing functions

                Append instruction [Shift]-F10-A
                Branch (see Branch above) [Shift]-F10-N
                Change Instruction type [Shift]-F10-Y
                Delete Delete key, may be Del
                Find All




Help F1
Histogram (online only) [Alt]-C-H
Library functions

                Copy to a library (SLC) file [Shift]-F10-T-Enter
                Paste from a library (SLC) file [Shift]-F10-F-Enter
Online [Alt]-C-O
Page title

                Insert [Shift]-F10-T-T-T-Enter
                Change [Shift]-F10-T-T-T-Enter
Partial download [Alt]-C-R

                Change/insert rung comment [Shift]-F10-E
                insert rung [Shift]-F10-R
                verify rung (online only) [Shift]-F10-V
System comms [Alt]-C-S
Undo [Alt]-E-U
Upload [Alt]-C-U



(online only)




Who active [Alt]-C-W

                Larger [Alt]-V-I-I-Enter
                Smaller [Alt]-V-O