Learn how to create a folder in GitHub.

The procedure is incredibly simple, but it does take some getting used to. Essentially, it’s a matter of typing in a forward slash to indicate folder structure. There are some gotchas, however, but below is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to add a folder in GitHub.

Lets go.
1) Select the the repository where you want to create a folder. I have created an example repository called “YouTube_Projects”
Xybernetics GitHub Select Repository

2) Click on “Add File”, and select “Create new file” from the pull down menu.
Xybernetics GitHub Add File Create new file

3) In the text box type your new folder name followed by a forward slash (/). In my YouTube video demo, I have typed “DEMO_TEST/”.
Xybernetics GitHub Create New Folder
A new directory (or folder) is created.
Xybernetics GitHub Create New Folder Forward Slash

4) After that add and file name, like “readme.md”.
Xybernetics GitHub Readme.md