A reference demo on how to upload help files (in PDF) for the Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) Plant PAx faceplate.

You will need to enable FTP server (service) on the Allen-Bradley PanelView. This can be done through VNC connection.

One you have the FTP server enabled, give anonymous access to the root folder… I know, I know… What about Cyber security, right? Just disable the FTP server once you are done. This will eliminate all the complication of setting up user account.

The PDF help files for the Rockwell Plant PAx will need to be inserted in the “/My Documents/Help_Files”. By default the “Help_Files” folder is not there, you will have to create it either using the in-built Microsoft Windows ME or using any FTP client. I am using FileZilla for my demo. Links to downloading FileZilla can be found in the Reference section below.

I have included the Rockwell Plant PAx PDF files in the Reference section below.

I hope this reference will help you and your project.