When your SCADAPack RTU behaves abnormally, or if you just want to start fresh, then you should perform a Cold Boot. A Cold Boot on a SCADAPack essentially have the following effects.

  • The default serial communication parameters are used
  • The Telepace Ladder Logic application program is erased
  • The C/C++ program is erased
  • The controller is unlocked

Here are the steps to perform a Cold Boot on a SCADAPack.

  • Remove power from the controller.
  • Hold down the LED POWER button.
  • Apply power to the controller.
  • Continue holding the LED POWER button for 25 seconds until the STAT LED
    begins to flash on and off continuously.
  • Release the LED POWER button.
    If the LED POWER button is released before the STAT LED begins to flash the
    controller will start in service mode, not the cold boot mode.