You got all your program setup and you know all your IO (DI, DO, AO, AI) should be coming in and going from your Schneider-Electric SCADAPack RTU, but you realize that your AO (Analog Output) is not working.
That is because you will have to explicitly and separately get an Analog Output board from Schneider-Electric; that is it does not come with the SCADAPack. If you do not mention it to the sales guys when you purchase it, it will not be included.

This video shows you what the Analog Output board (5305) looks like and where it is mounted on a SCADAPack 334. Note that SCADAPack 334 has AO (Analog Output on the lower board), therefore you will see me removing the upper board (which is the SCADAPack 330) to get access to the lower board. However, if you are using the SCADAPack 350 or SCADAPack 357, then there will be 2 boards required for that setup; one on the upper board and there other one on the lower board. Again that is if you are using Analog Output from both the upper and lower board.

Drop me a line if this is not clear. I will be happy to help out… Free of charge.

Happy Developing.