We all know how slow a VMWare running speed can be some times, and we always wish we could do something to make it run faster. There are a lot of articles in the web that says, do a virtual disk defragmentations (defrag), remove CD-ROM and adjust your display to minimal. What if you have done all that and still is running slow. Well the only option left is to start upgrading your hardware; like RAM, CPU, etc. Not many people want to make that financial commitment without know that it will actually help.

In this test we try to find an answer to this question…. “Does adding more RAM and Processor helps speed up VMWare”.

My test rig have a 2 processor (physical) at 2.10 GHz and a system RAM of 64GB. Not the best system out there but enough for this test.

I hope it helps you answer some of your question.

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