This vlog walks the user through on how to configuring the network IP address for a STARDOM. The same steps applies to all STARDOM hardware; FCJ, FCN, FCN-RTU.
All you need is some time and a “paper clip”.

These are the steps…

Step 1: Power up STARDOM
Step 2: Connect STARDOM using Ethernet cable (straight though)
Step 3: Ensure all Windows Firewall is turned off
Step 4: Launch Resource Configurator
Step 5: Press RESET button on the STARDOM to power cycle the RTU
Step 6: Wait for the HRDY and RDY LED to flash, and then press SHUTDOWN button on STARDOM. After a while HRDY will flash rapidly and RDY will flash slowly
Step 7: MAC Address will be detected (it will take a while)
Step 8: Select File -> Set IP Address…
Step 9: Assign new IP address to STARDOM