What is a Fatal 3A error in Panel View Plus7. This applies to all Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) PanelView, that includes PanelView Plus 7 Performance and PanelView Plus 7 Standard. I am demonstrating it in PanelView Plus 7 Standard.

Fatal 3A is an error that you get when you touch screen had gone bad. During the boot-up sequence of the PanelView Plus 7, the operating system does a few hardware test, one being the touch screen test. During the boot up sequence (or power up sequence), if the operating system detects that the touch screen is still being touched, it assumes that the touch screen has become defective. Hence it give you and error of Fatal 3A.

… It means time to change your Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7.

Xybernetics Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance Standard Fatal 3A Error